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It takes seconds for fire to rage through any size building in no time and storing flammable liquids in fire safety hazardous storage cabinets is a simple way to reduce the risk of damaging fire in your work place. It protects staff, reduces fire risks and improves productivity. If you are storing a considerable amount of such dangerous chemical and liquids, the legislation requires the employers to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors that the goods are contained, packaged and labeled.

S.E.P.M.A.R. stocks a wide range of safety storage products to suit many applications, which include safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids and other hazardous chemicals. S.E.P.M.A.R has been supplying products that qualify Australian and international standards. Keeping in mind the on workplace and environmental safety, we find solutions to any of our customer's needs with our knowledge and expertise and we are also committed to on-going product development to ensure our customers have access to the latest technology available.

Through our products, services and training we provide with an all-inclusive safety solutions. From safely storing corrosive substances, flammable liquids, gas cylinders or aerosol cans, we have all sorts of dangerous goods cabinet to suit your needs.